4 Seater Golf Cart


Minimum 3-Day Booking.

Off-season prices are listed for bookings between 10/01/24 and 4/30/25.

We offer free delivery from Manteo to Kitty Hawk, including Pirates Cove. Delivery to Duck is an additional $100. We do NOT deliver to Corolla.

8 cart(s) in stock total


4-seat Icon LSV golf cart with two forward-facing seats and two rear-facing seats. Electric and rechargeable with an external charger provided.

Equipped with a DOT-approved windshield with wipers, road-safe tires, side and rearview mirrors, turn signals, speedometer, odometer, horn, battery charge indicator gauge, seat belts, reflectors, headlights, and tail lights. Each golf cart has a license plate and state registration.

LSVs may be driven on roads with a speed limit of 35mph or less.  As required by Federal law, the motors are built to operate between 20 – 25mph.

Download the 4-seater golf cart operator’s guide here.